1968-1969 Cutlass/442


RealdealHurst's '68 H/O, #440 W-46, I found it slowly rusting away in an old leaky closed down service station outside Greenville SC. It sold new from Steel City Olds in Birmingham Al and has remained down south ever since. 5+ years of hard labor and $$$$$ have put it back to better than new. It was restored to show AND go!


OldsRegal's '68 442  From Dream To Nightmare, my quest to see beyond the bowtie.  SlowRacing.com


Dr Dan's '68 442 Convertible (restored for his wife, April)  DrDansRacing.com


bdrussell's '68 Cutlass S, with a 455 and turbo 400.  Very lowered and running hotshkis front suspension.


Onionman's '68 F-85 Canadian.  purchased in '92, original 77k 350, virtually stock.  work in progress  http://www.cardomain.com/ride/817607


Mike Babij's '68 Cutlass S  455/Turbo 350/3:23 O-type posi.

DaveH's '68 Cutlass W31 Ramrod. Watched this car go down the assembly line and drove it off myself in May, 1968. Original paint, interior and drivetrain (rebuilt finally in 2000). Still raced in Pure Stock and Factory Stock. 65k miles since new

DaveH's '68 442 W30- In the midst of a frame off rotisserie restification. Bought the bare shell with frame and title on ebay after previous owner ebay's every piece of it. Awaiting reassembly with a 68 Toro 455 and a four speed


Grimm's '68 Olds Cutlass-Scarlet Red with black interior (originally Jade Gold w/Willow Gold interior and top), 455 powered.


Ron DiPietro's '69 H/O


YooperOlds' '69 442 464 BBO, TH400 2600 stall, Chevy 12 bolt 3.31 posi. Complete Global West suspension, Wilwood Pro Vintage front disc brakes


RPTW32's '69 442 owned since '88, 69 461, street/strip, full interior/exhaust, 11.51@116mph


JPS69OLDS' '69 Cutlass S, #5 head's i had done up like the wicked W31 where. It has the 2" intake valve with the 1.63" exhaust valve . That are a 1 piece stainless swirled valve. And the bowl's are blended to accommodate the bigger valve's. Then i had just the port match done to it since i was running low on plastic money. LOL!! And a Bullet Racing Cam. Gross lift is int .517 an exh .541 with a duration of int .288 an exh .296 on a lobe sep of 112 . And a Edelbroke RPM intake, that i did the port match on and stainless steel cross over block off's. Holley Street Avenger 770cfm carb to top it off with . Howe cool alum radiator. 18" electric fan. Crank shaft is a Nodular and is turned .010 on rod's and mains. With ARP rod's and head bolt's. A Mellon oil pump which is ported and worked over for better oil flow with bolt on pick up.  TH400 Completely redone with a full manual valve body and a Midwest stall converter (2800- 3000 rpm stall) And the trans has the heavy duty clutch drum in it since that the weak spot on the TH400. The 12 bolt has a Eaton posi unit with Richmond 4.11 gear's. gas tank is sump with -8 stainless steel hose from sump to carb. QA1 12 position coil overs http://www.rankmyride.com/?page=cars/view&CID=5226&pnum=1


Thumper's '69 H/O, #57, was a lot car at a local dealer, owned since '81

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